Ethics and Compliance Hotline is an anonymous reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when the normal channels of communication have proven ineffective, or are impractical under the circumstances. At CRI Group™, we are committed to having an open dialogue on ethical dilemmas regardless.

We would like to introduce a new Ethics & Compliance Hotline. This hotline is available to all employees, as well as clients, contractors, vendors and others in a business relationship with CRI Group™ and ABAC Group™.

If you find yourself in an ethical dilemma or suspect inappropriate or illegal conduct, and you feel uncomfortable reporting through normal channels of communication, or wish to raise the issue anonymously, use CRI Group’s Compliance Hotline in below mentioned ways or provide us with your complaint online on the form below. The Compliance Hotline is a secure and confidential reporting channel managed by an independent provider. When reporting a concern in good faith, you will be protected by CRI Group’s Non-Retaliation Policy.



Feel free to report any known or suspected noncompliant behaviour or violations with any regulatory mandates and/or local policies including but not limited to:

  • Ethical standards Violations
  • Violation of laws and Company Policy and internal control
  • Risk and Safety
  • Theft, embezzlement or misappropriate of assets and fraud
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Employee Rights, Employee Relation, Work Environment
  • Privacy laws or security of personal information
  • Discrimination
  • Dispute related to Supervisor, HR and other Departments
  • Physical and Verbal Harassment on Workplace
  • Issues related to job responsibilities
  • The report related to a suspicious activity being a witness
  • Unfair dismissals.



Compliance Hotline is accessible by both phone and online. If you make a report directly by telephone, you will speak with the Compliance Department directly. If you submit a report online, the system will guide you through the reporting process, and a PIN number will be generated automatically once you complete the report.

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