Companies of all sizes, sectors, and types are susceptible to fraud and corruption. Some sectors face increased risks from certain types of fraud – that’s why CRI® Group’s experts have handled investigations and implemented due diligence and corporate security processes for companies across a wide range of industries, including insurance, property, IT and telecommunications, finance and professional services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, oil and gas, and others. CRI® Group also provides numerous case studies based on our own investigations. They examine real-life frauds spanning various different sectors and locations. Each case study is based on an in-depth CRI® Group investigation of a single individual, group or event, and explores the causes and underlying principles.


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Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage Industry is the fastest-moving industry in regards to changes. Consumer tastes, preferences, packaging, manufacturing, storage, and transportation are constantly changing, challenging the industry. It has been years since the news of...

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The automotive industry is the world's largest economic sector by revenue. And the uncertainty and risk in this global industry are never-ending. It faces uncertain times as the specter of a trade war between countries...

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The aviation industry is facing a series of challenges that must be addressed in order to sustain profitable growth. Over the course of the next 20 years, the global commercial aircraft fleet is expected to...

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The insurance sector is made up of companies that offer risk management in the form of insurance contracts. As an industry, insurance is regarded as a slow-growing, safe sector for investors. Every type of insurance...

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The property industry involves real estate (including land and buildings/structures) and other tangible properties, and can also include mineral rights and other resources. Unfortunately, for as long as there has been a market for buying...

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IT & Telecommunications

IT (Internet technology) and telecommunications industry providers are the engines that help power commerce on a global scale. This massive industry includes companies that provide the infrastructure for communication across multiple countries and continents, including...

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Finance & Professional services

Fraud is of the utmost concern for finance and professional services organisations. These include banks and financial institutions, real estate lenders, business credit and finance companies, commercial investment corporations, asset-based lenders, debt financing firms, acquisition...

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Fraud involving pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers constitutes a major source of economic waste affecting countries around the world. In spite of increased awareness of the problem and the application of sophisticated anti-fraud mechanisms, individual actors and...

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Oil, Gas & Energy

The oil, gas & energy industry is a massive portion of the world’s economy, dealing mainly in petroleum – including upstream (exploration, development, and production of crude oil or natural gas) and downstream (oil tankers,...

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Intellectual Property can be a business's most valuable asset. So when outside parties threaten to steal your ideas, copy your products or disrupt your marketing channels, corrective action on your part can become tedious, time-consuming...

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BS 7858:2019 Vetting

CRI® is duly certified by British Standard Institute BSI for the scope of BS 7858:2019 Screening of individuals working in a secure environment, Code of practice (the only BS 7858 certified background screening services provider in...

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How do you know the candidate you just offered a role to is the ideal candidate? Are you 100% sure that everything they’re telling you is the truth? Or are you just 90% certain? They...

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CRI® Group’s compliance solutions are tailored to your organisation’s needs, helping assure compliance in all areas and keeping you one step ahead of regulatory requirements. Money laundering is a serious global issue and recent legislation is...

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Background screening investigations are critical to any company’s success because working with qualified, honest, and hard-working employees and other businesses is an integral part of thriving in the business community. What you don’t know can...

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Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management Solutions COVID-19 is making many organizations rethink the nature of work, workforces, and workplaces as talent gaps appear, analytics and automation has it traditionally human-performed jobs have to be re-considered. Third parties...

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Address Compliance, Risk & Bribery Head-On With Certification And/or Training To ISO Standards – Protect Your People And Business! In this era of cut-throat competition, it is important for every organization to ensure that they...

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With the help of investigative solutions, CRI® Group’s team of experts can help safeguard your business from unseen threats such as employee fraud, compliance issues, third-party risk factors, and other concerns that can quickly —...

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Insurance fraud is something that no company can afford. CRI® Group’s investigations cover the full range of insurance fraud cases, from healthcare fraud to disability and even fake death claims. Our experts are trained to...

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Business Intelligence is most effective when it combines data derived from the market in which your business operates (external) with data from within such as financial and operations data (internal). When combined, this data can...

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Due diligence on potential business partners, when adding a new vendor or even when hiring a new employee is vital to confirm the legitimacy and reduce the risks associated with such professional relationships. Global integrity...

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