The property industry involves real estate (including land and buildings/structures) and other tangible properties, and can also include mineral rights and other resources. Unfortunately, for as long as there has been a market for buying and selling land, property and resources, there have been schemes that aim to defraud. Some of the schemes even have colorful names: “chunking,” “builder bailout,” “phantom sale” – yet all are illegal and harmful to unwitting victims, which can include individuals and families, banks, holding companies, investor groups and others.

Property fraud can be very convincing because perpetrators will often produce fake or forged documents, and will sometimes work in collaboration with other fraudsters. For example, a crooked investor might provide kickbacks to an appraiser in return for inflating the value of a property, or he/she may sell a property to a “straw buyer” at an inflated price, with the straw buyer intentionally going into default (and splitting the proceeds of the loan with the fraudulent investor). There are many more scams, and all of them look for vulnerabilities among buyers and sellers alike.

CRI Group’s team of experts, including Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), works with property groups and companies dealing in real estate to uncover red flags of fraud. Our agents will help assess a transaction before it takes place, and can implement asset recovery solutions in the case where fraud has already occurred. This extra level of protection is crucial for any organisation conducting real estate transactions.

From Risk ManagementEmployee Background ScreeningBusiness IntelligenceDue DiligenceCompliance Solutions and other professional Investigative Research solutions at CRI Group we can help you!  Learn more about our solutions and contact us today.


The Role of a Fraud Investigator

Fraud investigators are the front line of establishing the facts of suspected fraud or other unethical business behaviour. A fraud investigator’s skillset and wide knowledge of fraud laws, evidence gathering and interviewing make them the go-to expert for investigating insurance fraud, financial fraud, procurement fraud, asset recovery, cyber fraud, healthcare fraud, retail fraud and other […]

Q&A session with our CEO: United Arab Emirates fighting Fraud and corruption

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ISO 37001 Solutions for all industries (Part 1)

Organisations of all industries, from financial institutions to international energy companies, can gain distinct benefits from ABAC® Certification for ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System standard. The fact is, any company is potentially susceptible to bribery and corruption. Some industries face increased risk – which is why CRI Group’s ABAC® tailors ISO 37001 for companies across […]

The Unseen Enemy: Insurance Fraud – Part I

This three-part series of articles examines the problem of insurance fraud, including its pervasiveness and general characteristics in the United States, the United Kingdom and the world. Insurance fraud is a widespread problem that requires real solutions and is often difficult to detect and combat. Part One of the series, “What is Insurance Fraud,” provides […]

5 ways COVID-19 impacted background checks

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#InTheNews: Bribery and Corruption

As a result of COVID-19, countries all over the world are facing significant economic disruption, insecurity and suffering, which has created an increased risk of bribery and corruption.  News in the first two quarters of 2020 showed that many governments began to implement measures to combat these implications from the global pandemic.   Kenyan Anti-bribery […]

Responsible management: CEOs should help to lead society!

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw argued in a New York Times opinion piece last month that CEOs are qualified to make profits, not lead society. His arguments are far too outdated to fit today’s business models. This concept originated from 1970 when economist Milton Friedman famously argued that by keeping business leaders solely focused on returns to shareholders, organisations […]

COVID-19 Prompted Innovative Leadership

As of 13 August 2020, COVID-19 has affected more than million people globally, including 744,385 deaths, reported to WHO. The virus has also had severe economic implications, leaving organisations facing a unique set of new challenges that can only be summed up in one word: uncertainty. And the only way to navigate these uncertain times is […]

The Little Book of Big Scams by MET

The Little Book of Big Scams was released in 2012 by The Metropolitan Police Service’s Operation and after its huge success the MET has released a new version. The Little Book of Big Scams is specifically designed to protect small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs accounts for 99% of all UK businesses and employ over […]

FTC guide for small business to avoid Scams

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a guide for small business. Scams & Your Small Business guide is part of FTC’s efforts to help small business owners to avoid scams. If you are a small business owner or are part of a non-profit organisation, you spend a time and energy on making sure your organisation […]

7 Traits of a Resilient Leader

Seven Traits of a Resilient Leader Every successful leader has encountered a challenging scenario at some point in their career. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, however, has forced leaders to face unforeseen new challenges. With the pandemic’s colossal impact on operations, workforces, profits and supply chains across the globe, all eyes are on leadership to guide […]

Top 10 Bribery & Corruption Stories of 2020 (so far)

Even with much of the world under partial lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been no shortage of bribery and corruption cases through the first half of 2020. Each of these stories makes it clear that organisations must have proper controls in place to prevent bribery and corruption. ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard provides […]

Why Financial Services Firms Need ISO 37001 ABMS?

When Société Générale, a global financial services institution based in France, agreed to pay a combined total penalty of more than $860 million for an alleged bribery and corruption scheme, it served as a warning shot to financial firms worldwide that a culture of enforcement has arrived. Société Générale was accused of paying bribes to […]

Fraud Advisory Panel deep dives into the HBOS scandal

On 30 January 2017, following a four-month trial, former HBOS employees Scourfield and Mark Dobson involved in HBOS scandal were convicted of fraud and corruption involving a scheme that cost the bank £245m. Scourfield pleaded guilty to six counts including corruption, and Dobson was found guilty of counts including bribery, fraud and money laundering. The HBOS (Halifax […]

Background Screening Red flags: Numbers Don’t Lie

Want to know what types of red flags are most often found on résumés and employment applications? CRI Group’s EmploySmart™ experts provided some statistics on their latest pre- and post-employment screening engagements, and they give insights into where companies are most vulnerable in the hiring process. The operations team found that providing incorrect employment details […]

COVID19 increases identity theft cases: 7 steps to lessen your risk

What does an embezzler spend their money on? In the case of a New York man’s alleged fraud, just about everything, apparently. According to IDentutyUSA identity theft is on the rise during COVID-19 pandemic. Experts predict that one out of every four people in the United States will be a victim of this growing crime trend […]

Challenges for Background Screening Service APAC Providers

According to Investor’s Globe – a unified hub for information and ideas relating to investment – Asia Pacific (APAC) is the fastest growing economic region of the world and investors’ top choice. Further, in a list of top five economies until 2023 published by FocusEconomics, three including China, Japan and India belong to the APAC […]

3PRM: When is it time to conduct third-party screening?

The nature of business today is largely shaped by our connected world. Many organisations conduct business across international borders and/or overseas, and as part of various strategic and beneficial partnerships. In fact, the technology revolution and other factors that have removed barriers from business make it more essential than ever to have suppliers, vendors and other […]

Fraud Advisory Panel UK counter fraud 2019 report is out!

  Fraud poses a major threat to the UK and the world. The slow progress in fighting fraud in 2019 was evident to all of us with the never-ending stream of news stories documenting bribery and corruption cases around the world in 2019. We documented each with our article on Top 10 Bribery and Corruption Cases of 2019  where we […]

Fraud Advisory Panel have set up a COVID-19 fraud watch group

The Fraud Advisory Panel have set up a COVID-19 fraud watch group.  A cross-sector and cross-industry coalition of trusted partners (including the Cabinet Office and City of London Police) who meet weekly to share information on emerging fraud threats and trends affecting business. The panel aims to act as a conduit to warn the public, […]

COVID-19: Background Screening More Critical Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world and businesses in a fundamental way. In this time of crisis, businesses are having to adapt quickly in order to survive, and that sometimes means cutting costs and steps in various business processes – including hiring practices. Unfortunately, neglecting to conduct proper due diligence in terms of pre-employment […]

COVID-19’s impact on Cyber security: is your team safe?

When you download an app and it asks to access your contacts, location, and other information, it seems harmless enough, right? Surely the app will only use your data for its stated purpose, and only when needed? We all know that is not the whole truth. However, with COVID-19 forcing your workforce to embrace new practices […]

5 Tips for Preventing & Detecting Expense Fraud

It’s one of the most common forms of occupational fraud: employees fudging on their expense accounts. Earlier this month (June, 2020), Lookers (London-listed company) warned investors they might be unable to buy and sell its shares from the beginning of July because of potential fraud on its books – confirming £19m charge to correct books after fraud inquiry. Whether […]

Your organisation needs an ethical code of conduct!

Business leaders are usually quick to communicate their expectations to employees, especially when it comes to financial goals or tasks that they want accomplished. However, what is often lacking is a clear, concise explanation of what the organisation expects in terms of ethical behaviour. The recent article “Puffery or Not? Courts Examine Corporate Codes of […]

Education and Employment Verification Trends in the APAC Region

Background screening is an essential process for achieving hiring success – finding the right person for the right job at the right time. The biggest investment today that a business can make is in their new employees, as with each new hiring, they invest time, training, and resources. Background screening is important because it protects […]

Fight fraud with ABMS certification

Fraud, bribery and corruption cause serious harm to business. They can have a major financial impact, damage an organisation’s hard-earned reputation and destroy company culture. That’s why at CRI group we focus on helping organisations address these risks – as a team effort. All fraud, bribery and corruption (collectively referred to as economic crime) is unacceptable and […]

Newly published whitepapers examine corruption laws and fraud

Fraud and corruption are always evolving. Changes in methods, technology and other factors make it critically important those trying to prevent and detect it to evolve, as well. Part of that process is to analyse fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering and other crimes through the lense of research and casework. When experts share their findings […]

Top notch candidate! Too bad its a lie.

The hiring process can be an exciting time for both the candidate and the employer, especially if is due to a growing business. However, it presents a degree of risk, as well. Organisations that bring new employees into their fold and entrust them with their business, processes and assets are playing with fire if they […]

When is due diligence most critical?

Defined in the most basic way, due diligence means taking reasonable steps to satisfy legal requirements in the conduct of business relations. The reality of proper due diligence, however, means so much more: it allows you to reduce risks, including risks arising from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, to […]

What are the guidelines and qualifications for ISO 37001:2016?

To many bribery cases are in the headlines, but all of these provide lessons for business leaders around the world. As reported in the Industry resource, Alere Inc., a global manufacturer of rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests, will pay more than $13 million to settle charges that it bribed foreign officials and committed accounting fraud to meet revenue targets. What […]

Stop gender based violence: incorporate risk assessment into your due diligence process

Gender-based violence is constantly on the rise – research by the UN Women, “The economic costs of violence against women” suggests that the cost of violence against women is 2% of global GDP, equivalent to US$1.5 trillion – incorporating gender-based violence into risk and mitigation analyses is a must. The company and country-level economic costs of violence include losses in productivity and increases in health and legal […]

ISO 37001: Applying Anti-Bribery Framework to Third Parties

In 2016, responding to the need for a global standard to help organisations prevent and detect bribery and corruption, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management Systems. This certification provides the anti-bribery framework for organisations of any size or industry to implement practical solutions against bribery. Perhaps overlooked, however, is the […]

Employee background screening during COVID-19

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You suspect employee fraud. Now what?

When any type of fraud, including employee fraud, is discovered, it’s usually by surprise. That’s because most of us aren’t used to looking for criminal behaviour inside our own organisation. We trust our employees and co-workers, and we keep our focus on succeeding as a team and accomplishing our goals for the business. Nobody wants […]

Managing Third-Party Risks: A Checklist

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Can ISO 37001:2016 prevent bribery?

Since its launch in 2016, ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard has had its supporters and critics. Some regulatory bodies and compliance communities initially expressed concern regarding the lack of a body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of ISO 37001:2016 from certain standpoints. Critics asserted that the new standard failed to address broad compliance concerns, […]

1 in 3 Furloughed UK Employees Pressured to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major crisis for businesses and employees around the world. To make matters worse, some unscrupulous employers in the UK have abused the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme by engaging in furlough fraud. They do this by accepting taxpayer money designed to help them pay salaries for furloughed workers, who are […]

Brexit poses bribery challenges but ISO 37001 provides solutions

While the United Kingdom has positioned itself as a leader in the fight against fraud and corruption, the shifting economic conditions surrounding Brexit have raised uncertainty and vulnerability. As some organisations are forced to forge new trade deals outside of already established European Union (EU) relationships, some experts warn that there will be more exposure […]

Your company’s security begins at the hiring process

Your company’s security begins at the hiring process It’s an exciting time for a company when business is growing and there is a need add more employees and start a hiring process. One organisation that was in such a position sought to make sure they were being diligent while hiring new staff. To that end, they […]

CRI celebrates World Accreditation Day

Accreditation has a positive impact on consumers, suppliers, purchasers, and regulators across industries and organisations all over the world. Proper accreditation and certification can demonstrate necessary expertise and training, and ensure quality and reputability. That’s why CRI Group and ABAC® Center of Excellence Limited will celebrate World Accreditation Day on Tuesday, 9 June 2020. We […]

Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs in EMEA Countries

Preventing bribery and corruption is a global effort that crosses international borders… Preventing bribery and corruption is a global effort that crosses international borders. In just the past few years, many governments have enacted more laws and regulations to reflect that reality. European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) countries are no exception – in many […]

Major Bribery and Corruption Cases in Malaysia

Combating corruption has increasing risen to the top of policymakers and company agendas. Despite the fact that it has long been a prevalent issue, there is a greater awareness of the negative implications of corruption on both social and economic development. Malaysia has a history of implementing measures to tackle corruption and bribery, with cases […]

CRI Named Certified Provider by HRO Today Association

CRI Group has been approved by the HRO Today Association as a Certified Provider to the human resources services industry. CRI Group completed a rigorous audit process and “demonstrated a high level of accountability of standards and ethics,” according to an HRO Today Association statement. Established in 1990, We are a leading global provider of […]

COVID-19: Top risk management concerns

A global crisis calls for a fresh due-diligence and risk management review of your company’s third-party partnerships. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life in just about every sense of the word, from personal health concerns and social distancing to shelter-in-place mandates and business closures. But in the corporate world, life plods on. Critical concerns about […]

10 top business risks

Sometimes business owners or management have an outsized sense of business risks for a particular threat. For example, some companies place extreme emphasis on guarding their intellectual property (IP), when in actuality the incidence of IP theft for their industry might be low. Other times, however, their priorities are firmly in line with the threat […]

ISO 37001 can help US organisations prevent corruption

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COVID-19: Fraudsters are preying on fear and confusion

In a time of crisis, we often see the best in people. Even before COVID-19 was officially classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global pandemic, citizens and government leaders alike were praising the selfless sacrifice of doctors, nurses, first responders and others putting themselves in harm’s way to help treat and limit […]

Middle East Background Screening: Compliance With Privacy Laws

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How to demonstrate “Adequate Procedures” in Malaysia?

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How to conduct background screening in the Middle East?

Background screening is critically important for business worldwide. Providing such service is a complex process, and it is different for every country and region. In the United States, investigators have a web of databases at their disposal and a vast network of local resources that provide a wealth of information at the mere click of […]

MACCA’s Corporate Liability Provisions Come into Effect in June

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UKAS Accredits ABAC’s Capabilities

ABAC Center of Excellence Limited announced that the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has accredited its ABAC Certification services for administering the ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard. ABAC Center of Excellence Limited provides ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management systems certification for organisations that implement prescribed measures to prevent, detect and address bribery. Pursuant to this, […]

ABAC® aiming for a higher standard

At CRI Group’s ABAC® Center of Excellence Limited, we are affiliated with leading certification and accreditation bodies around the world. These affiliations and accreditations help demonstrate the high level of experience and knowledge we provide in anti-bribery, risk and compliance management to our clients on a daily basis. That’s why ABAC® has achieved essential accreditations from […]

Resilient and defensible Third-Party Risk Management Compliance Program

Are you establishing the legal compliance, financial viability, and integrity levels of outside partners, suppliers and customers seeking to affiliate with your business? It’s highly probable that, at some point, organisations that affiliate with outside providers will eventually have to deal with an operational interruption resulting from third-party related issues and inappropriate conduct. The risks […]

10 Ways to Maintain GDPR Compliance

In 2018, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. The GDPR was a response to massive worldwide data breaches that were undermining the trust and security of private citizens whose personal information was at stake. As this data was exposed by both hackers and, in some cases, simply through poor […]

Create a zero-tolerance approach to fraud

Smart business leaders know that “Tone at the Top” is a critical factor in the culture of an organisation. The behaviour and attitudes exhibited by those at the top of the chain set an example for the rest of the staff to follow. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to ethical standards. If a company is […]

Due Diligence: 4 Red Flags of Collusion

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ABAC Opens Office in the Abu Dhabi Global Market

ABAC Center of Excellence Limited (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate Research and Investigations, headquartered in the United Kingdom, and a leading provider of ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery, ISO 31000 Risk Management and ISO 19600 Compliance Management Systems certification services, announced today the opening of its offices in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). The International Organization […]

6 challenges for compliance officers in 2020

The job of a compliance officer can be a difficult one. Organisations from large corporations down to small government agencies rely on their compliance officers to keep them within ethical and legal boundaries. They also rely on them to maintain monitoring and reporting requirements, and stay abreast of any changes in the compliance landscape. For […]

Risk & Compliance magazine: interview with our CEO

Interested in employee integrity due diligence and pre-employment screening? Or are you engaging in a merger or acquisition, an IPO, engaging suppliers, contractors, or new clients and looking for third-party risk management solutions? Background checks and necessary screenings are vital to avoid horror stories and taboo tales that occur within HR, your business or even your brand – […]

Top 10 Bribery and Corruption Cases of 2019

There is a never-ending stream of news stories documenting bribery and corruption cases around the world. Some of those cases rose to the top of the headlines in 2019. All of the stories help illustrate the need for organisations to have proper controls in place to prevent bribery and corruption. A certification such as ISO […]

ABAC summit held for 2019 International Anti-Corruption Day

ABAC summit held for 2019 International Anti-Corruption Day “Manage your business risks with confidence” was the tone for CRI Group’s ABAC® Center of Excellence anti-bribery anti-corruption training event held on International Anti-Corruption Day (Monday, 9 December) in Dubai. Hosted at Dubai Quality Group’s offices at Emarat Atrium Building, “Introductory Seminar on ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management […]

We’re All Paying a High Price for Corporate Corruption

Corruption weakens governments, fuels organised crime, stifles economic growth and discourages development. International corruption continues to undermine the progress of developing nations as rogue politicians, civic leaders and corporate representatives conduct “business as usual” to bypass bureaucratic red tape or circumvent competitive processes. But the world is taking notice and punishing those organisations accused of corruption […]

CRI Leads 2019 International Anti-Corruption Day

International Anti-Corruption Day is Monday, 9 December 2019. The campaign was started as a joint venture between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and now organisations around the world are united against corruption for this day every year. United Against Corruption focuses on corruption as […]

Middle East corruption: how can ISO 37001 help?

Political and governmental unrest can affect a region’s economy and the integrity of business transactions. The current state of the Middle East exemplifies this phenomenon. While governments in the region are making efforts to curb corruption, political instability and regime changes often undermine these measures. Bad actors understand how to take advantage of such vulnerabilities, […]

CRI supports 2019 Fraud Week

It is International Fraud Awareness Week, 17-24 November 2019 – and CRI Group is once again a proud Official Supporter of this global movement. Fraud Week was created to reduce the impact of fraud and corruption by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education. Organisations lose an estimated 5 percent of their revenue annually due to fraud, […]

8 steps to prevent fraud

CRI Group offers some basic steps any organisation can take immediately to lessen their vulnerability to fraud from both inside and out. These measures should be followed year-round – but Fraud Week provides a great opportunity to get started. The following are 8 steps to prevent fraud: 1. Take a Proactive Approach to Fraud Prevention. […]

25 Benefits of ISO 37001:2016 ABMS Certification

How to fight bribery and corruption? Bribery and corruption are a dent on the image of any company. It is an unwanted and unsightly reflection that can be not only be mitigated but prevented in the organisation. The negative representation might result in a loss of trust among customers, affiliates and business patrons. In addition, […]

Corruption: An Impending Doom on Investments

Bribery and corruption are a form of abuse to the progress of the economy. It has far-reaching consequences that hinder the development of individuals, businesses and the nation. The impact of corruption and bribery go beyond discernment and can lead to financial losses, withdrawal of investors, dissuasion of shareholders, perpetuation of fraud, reputational damages, business […]

ABAC celebrates 3 years

ABAC celebrates 3 years CRI Group’s ABAC® Center of Excellence is proud to be celebrating three-years anniversary since its formation back in 2016. For three years, ABAC has gone from strength to strength, having hosted three ABAC® Summits in Karachi, Islamabad and Kuala Lumpur, with plans for more to come. During this time, ABAC® was […]

Background screening: 10 things you should know

Hiring new employees is an essential part of operating, and growing, a successful business. It also presents an inherent risk to any organisation. According to popular employment site, “58% of hiring managers said they’ve caught a lie on a resume; one-third (33% of these employers have seen an increase in resume embellishments post-recession.” Background screening Here’s […]

ABAC®Malaysia against Corruption

CRI Group recently launched a publication, which overviews anti-bribery, anti-corruption and ISO 37001 solutions in Malaysia and entire in South Asia. South Asia has a troubled record when it comes to preventing bribery and corruption, as well as enforcing compliance. Recent cases and statistics show that the problem persists in most countries in the region. Both government […]

ISO 37001:2016 Standard: Who should get certified?

There is a new standard for preventing bribery in business: ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System standard was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to help companies worldwide increase and measure their efforts against bribery and corruption. This important new standard mirrors numerous steps contained in: The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Good Practice Guidance […]

Apex achieves ISO 37001 Certification

Apex Shipping Services LLC, based in Dubai (UAE), has successfully demonstrated compliance with ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) requirements and attained ABAC Certification from CRI Group (Corporate Research and Investigations Limited). Kanwal Zafar, Managing Director at ABAC Center of Excellence, announced the certification in a statement. “It is our honour to recognise Apex and […]

The importance of background checks: the case study

The world is changing. Borders are opening up. Workforces are crossing international boundaries. Barriers to global competition are lifting and technology is simplifying communication and allowing virtually anyone to enter the global job market. The only constant that remains in today’s hiring equation is people. Résumé fraud is a widespread problem for employers in every […]

6 ways forensic accountants fight financial threats

Forensic accountants are experts with a unique set of training and skills. “Forensic” means suitable for use in court, and forensic accounting is a speciality practice area of accounting that deals with engagements and investigations where disputes or litigation are anticipated. For those reasons, the training and expertise demonstrated by these professionals make them very […]

As South Asia Grapples with anti-bribery compliance, ISO 37001 provides solutions

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Top 10 ways to protect your organisation from bribery and corruption

Top 10 ways to protect your organisation from bribery and corruption Public sector corruption siphons $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion annually from the global economy in bribes and costs far more in stunted economic growth, lost tax revenues and sustained poverty, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The fact is, bribery and corruption can […]

ABAC Presents ISO 37001 ABMS at MACC 2019 Seminar

CRI Group and ABAC Center of Excellence CEO Mr. Zafar Anjum was a speaker at last week’s ABAC at MACC 2019 Seminar Benchmark on Governance, Integrity & Anti-Corruption. Mr. Anjum presented “Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS 37001) Case Study and Implementation – UK Experience.” He provided an overview of ABMS 37001 Accreditation & Certification as an […]

Decrease Bribery Risk with ISO 37001:2016 ABMS

Decrease Bribery Risk with ISO 37001:2016 ABMS Bribery and corruption are worldwide problems with serious consequences for organisations of any size, industry or region. To help combat this threat, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued the ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) standard. This standard helps businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies to reduce their […]

Corruption: a real Threat to Organisations Worldwide

Corruption: a real Threat to Organisations Worldwide For ages, systematic bribery was tolerated in various countries and industries as a “necessary part of getting business done or circumventing bureaucratic red tape.” The times are changing, however. Societies and their governments have recognised that bribery and corruption vastly affect economic growth, undermine trust and discourage investment.  […]

IntelliSoft achieves ISO 37001 Certification

Award-winning Information Technology Services company ISS Middle East FZC (IntelliSoft) has successfully demonstrated compliance with ISO 37001 requirements and attained ABAC Certification in ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) for services such as SAP Professional, Technology, Infra services & solutions (Data Management, Application development, Legacy Modernisation Cloud service, Analytics & Mobility), Staffing, Recruitment and Outsourcing […]

ISO 37001 Certification: a Proclamation of Business Integrity

It’s a well-known World Bank statistic, but one that bears continual repeating: More than US$1.5 trillion – or 2% of world gross domestic product – is paid in bribes each and every year, contributing to the demise of governments, inadequate social services, inferior infrastructure, low-quality goods and services, and a general strain on public and […]

Rent Checks Post-Brexit

Uncertainty around Brexit continues, and the possibility of a no-deal means it is still challenging to predict what will happen when the UK leaves the EU. The Government is yet to release official guidance on what letting agents and Landlords will need to do, should a no-deal Brexit be the outcome of the process. The […]

Oil and Energy Companies Look to ISO 37001

In December 2017, the world’s largest builder of offshore rigs agreed to pay $422 million in penalties after entering a guilty plea for bribery charges connected with the Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) scandal. Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. made illicit payments to both Petrobras officials and government representatives for more than a decade, between 2001 and […]

Pharma and Healthcare Companies can Benefit from ISO 37001

Pharma and Healthcare Companies can Benefit from ISO 37001 When global pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline found itself in the Chinese government’s crosshairs for an alleged large-scale bribery scandal, there was perhaps little doubt that the consequences would be large-scale, as well. GSK was accused of systematically paying bribes and “gratuities” to doctors and hospitals in return […]

Background Checks: An Essential Process

There are inherent risks in the hiring process, including deception by individuals seeking to gain an advantage over other candidates. Thorough pre- and post-employment background checks are critical in mitigating these risk factors, helping any organisation stay better protected from fraudulent candidates or unqualified employees. The advantages of using an expert third-party service to conduct […]

10 Top Risks Faced in the Hiring Process

Hiring new employees is an essential part of operating, and growing, a successful business. It is also a process that presents an inherent risk to any organisation. Fraud and other criminal acts are often committed by company insiders, the very people that are trusted to work for the business’s best interests. While most employees might […]

Address Risk with Employee Background Checks

Address Risk with Employee Background Checks There are inherent risks in the hiring process, including fraudulent claims by candidates. These include everything from relatively minor transgressions, like stretching employment dates, to serious and concerning deceptions, such as claiming unearned degrees or credentials, or hiding one’s criminal record. Being aware of these risks is only the […]

Hiring process: 6 ways why reference checking is key

Hiring more people within a company no matter the size can be a lot of effort, waste a lot of time and cost a lot of money so it is important to do it right, which means reference checking. As a large company, it is often the case that there will be an in-house HR […]

Demonstrating Adequate Procedures with ISO 37001 ABMS Certification and Training

As the international outcry on bribery and corruption practices continues to tighten its grip around rogue players in the private and public business sectors, global organizations continue to ramp up their efforts to develop effective frameworks to prevent, detect and report bribery and corruption. And by fortifying their anti-bribery management systems, such organizations are further […]

How to handle the “Human Factor”: Top 3 risks when hiring

Talent acquisition in the hiring process requires a great deal of investment in both time and effort for the hiring manager and would involve even greater repercussions if the chosen candidate turns out to be a bad hire. Due to the ever-growing competitive nature of job seeking, it is becoming increasingly likely that a prospective […]

5 Procurement risks: your lack of due diligence can lead harm

Procurement risks: your lack of due diligence can lead harm Procurement is one of the most critical areas of any organisation, large or small. Procurement officers secure the materials and goods that a business needs in order to be productive and successful, and they do so while trying to ensure the best possible price, quality, […]

Breaking Down The ISO 37001 Audit Process

By Zafar Anjum, MSc, MS, CFE, CII, MICA, Int. Dip. (Fin. Crime) at CRI Group Chief Executive Officer

CRI Malaysia celebrates 2019 Anti-Corruption Day

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption efforts are a huge priority in the South Asia Region, with many governments trying to strengthen laws and enhance enforcement in both their private and public sectors. As recent high-profile corruption cases in the region have demonstrated, today’s regulators are seeing the issue as a societal problem as much as a legal […]

CRI supports 2018 International Fraud Week

CRI Group is once again a proud supporter of International Fraud Awareness Week, Nov. 11-17, 2018. This global movement aims to minimise the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education. Companies lose an estimated 5% of their revenue annually due to fraud (ACFE Report to the Nations, 2018) and additional training, prevention programs […]

3 ways to protect your Company’s Reputation

In today’s connected business world, there are very few secrets. United Airlines, for example, recently learned the hard way that one ugly incident can go viral and spread around the world in a matter of minutes – not hours, days or weeks. protect company reputation United initially faced criticism over the rough treatment of a passenger being […]

ABAC celebrates 2 years

ABAC celebrates 2 years since the formation of the CRI Certification, now re-branded as the ABAC Center of Excellence, back in October 2016. For two years we have gone from strength to strength, having hosted two ABAC Summits in both Pakistan and Malaysia, with plans for more to come. 2018 has seen great advances for […]

Why should you want your partners to be ISO 37001 certified?

We at the ABAC Center of Excellence believe that businesses that are being run free of corruption accomplish their vision and mission sooner and easier. They bring good to the world more effectively than others. When a business has a clearly set vision and a detailed plan on how to reach it, all it takes […]

Protect Your Business from Money Laundering Activities

How to Protect Your Business from Money Laundering Activities?  Today, having anti-money laundering processes in place is more than a matter of smart business. In most jurisdictions, it is also a legal necessity. Organisations large and small are at risk of falling prey to unscrupulous business dealings and other threats posed by seemingly legitimate business […]

To check or not to check?

Background checks don’t tend make international news. They are the low-key diligent step in most well-managed recruitment processes, to provide employers comfort that the person they are hiring is everything they seem – and nothing more. That’s why the background checking of Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee to the US Supreme Court, should be about the […]

Importance of leadership and culture for ABMS

By Aneta Nastaj, Training Manager at ABAC® CoE

Fake degrees and fake employment certificates? What now?

In today’s business environment, fraudulent practices and manipulating the trust of others is so commonplace that people do it very often and with confidence. Unfortunately, this is also true when it comes to employment, as some potential candidates will present fake and bogus background certificates to try to gain an edge in the hiring process. […]

How to Protect Your Business From Money Laundering Activities

Money laundering should be near the top of the list of any business owner’s concerns. Anti-money laundering legislation and regulations are strict and increasingly enforced, and remaining in compliance through implementing proper prevention controls is a must. Countless businesses large and small – from corporations to third-party contractors – have learned this lesson the hard […]

Time to get ISO 37001 certified… the process, part 1

ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System Certification is critical for organisations in the public, private and non-profit sectors. After all, consider the benefits: Certification adds a distinct level of credibility to the organisation’s management systems, and ensures that the organisation is implementing a viable anti-bribery management program utilising widely accepted controls and systems. It provides assurance […]

Thank you for attending ABAC 2018 Malaysia Summit

Thank you for attending the ABAC Summit Malaysia last Tuesday! We are proud to have brought such an amazing group of distinguished speakers and respected delegates together to address the bribery and corruption issues worldwide. We are extremely thankful to all our speakers for making this #ABACSummit2018 a successful one! Dr KM Loi, Cristian Nicoara, Md […]

Bribery and corruption won’t wait: is your organisation protected?

In one case, an enforcement agent for a Malaysian government department pleaded guilty for receiving a bribe from a business owner. In another, a U.S. district attorney from Philadelphia was accused of taking cash in return for helping people with their legal cases. He was accused of 28 counts of bribery, and in the end […]

Top 4 Red flags during a Merger & Acquisition

The business world is often transitional, and the landscape changes as entities grow or industries change – and the players involved have to change with it. Mergers and acquisitions are examples of these “transitional times,” and they are also among the most critical times to conduct proper and thorough due diligence. There are inherent risks […]

4 key elements to a successful ethics and compliance strategy

Empower your organisation to mitigate risk! Companies confront ethics and compliance issues every day. Once upon a time, the idea of business ethics was more of an abstract or philosophical notion that seemed more suited for discussion in a university lecture or at a business conference. Today, however, organisations of all sizes and industries must […]

CRI, the only company with BS 10200 & BS 7858 certifications in Middle East

When it comes to providing information security, financial audits, risk assessments, background checks, due diligence and a wide range of anti-fraud related services, maintaining the highest levels of training and expertise is an absolute must. That’s why CRI Group achieves critical certifications from the British Standards Institute (BSI), the National Association of Background Screeners (NAPBS) and other preeminent groups […]

ISO 37001 Certification: Building trust in the workplace

One of the most important aspects of any organisation is its culture. How do employees relate to one another? Is it a positive and enriching place to work? Do employees trust their colleagues, and look forward to working with them? ISO 37001:2016 Certification Unfortunately, an organisation that lacks proper controls against fraud, bribery and corruption and […]

Background screening; your first line of protection

An extra layer of security As a global investigative firm with a network of 76 agents worldwide, CRI Group has the resources and expertise needed to implement thorough and comprehensive pre- and post-employment screening. As part of our EmploySmart program, we have conducted more than 187,000 individual background checks, serving top companies of many industry […]

3PRM: the Third-Party Risk Management Strategy

It’s highly probable that, at some point, organisations that affiliate with outside providers will eventually have to deal with an operational interruption resulting from a third-party related issue. The risks involved in partnering with outsiders hasn’t changed over the centuries. It’s the potential liability that’s been ratcheted up several notches. International borders have been ripped […]

ISO 37001 certification: enhance your reputation and credibility

Bribery and corruption are serious concerns to businesses, government agencies and non-profit organisations. In fact, the risk of being associated with the negative impacts of this type of fraud extends to third party partners and influences present and future businesses relationships. In this business climate, consider the tremendous advantage your organisation will enjoy if it […]

5 Reasons To Run Employee Screening

By Ayesha Sikander, Group HR Manager at CRI Group

2018 ABAC Summit Announced in KL

CRI Group is pleased to announce the upcoming Anti-Bribery 2018 Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25 September 2018. This is the second year for the ABAC Summit, providing invaluable expertise in due diligence, internal controls and compliance issues, along with showcasing the latest resources and solutions to detect and combat bribery and corruption within organisations. […]

Fraud Advisory Panel celebrates 20 Years

CRI Group wishes to congratulate Fraud Advisory Panel on the 20th anniversary. It was a pleasure to attend the event and celebrate this great occasion of FAP fighting fraud for 20 years. It has been a great honor to be the member of the panel. Looking forward to continuing working together in the future! Connect with […]

Are you ready to EmploySmart? Meet us at SHRM’18

Meet us at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, to demonstrate a commitment to your professional development and learning about tools and resources you need to best serve your organisation’s HR needs. One of those critical needs is helping your organisation prevent fraud. Human resources managers and specialists are at the front […]

ABAC Granted 1st Ever BS ISO 37001

ABAC Certification (Corporate Research and Investigations Limited) Granted First Ever BS ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Accreditation by EIAC Emirates International Accreditation Centre (previously known as Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC)) officially recognises global firm’s ability to help ensure that organisations bring management systems into compliance and prevent bribery Corporate Research and Investigations Limited, herein referred to as […]

Manage business intelligence and identify risks

Gathering intelligence isn’t just the stuff of spy movies. It’s also an important part of the business world – and when conducted legally, ethically and effectively, it is a critical tool for any organisation seeking to be successful in their industry or field. Business investigations are about more than just identifying risk factors or weaknesses. […]

Investigative research reveals 3 opportunities

In business, having the critical information you need can mean the difference between success and failure. When it comes to investigative research, trained experts can uncover facts that help you make the right decisions; and, conversely, save your organisation from making costly mistakes. CRI Group has trained investigators positioned around the world who can help […]

Appointment of Data Protection Officer under GDPR

There is the growing misconception surrounding the need for appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under GDPR which is effective on 25th May 2018. The role of DPO is critical for correct implementation of the newly drafted regulation. Relating to this, the organisation needs to ask itself four main questions before appointing a DPO which […]

Mexico’s Government Is Blocking Anti-Corruption

While many countries and their leaders are making strides against fraud and corruption, some national governments can’t seem to get out of their own way. Such appears to be the case right now in Mexico, where the Mexican government is accused of blocking its own anti-corruption initiatives that were launched earlier this year. According to […]

Rio de Janeiro law demonstrates

The time is quickly coming to an end when companies could expect to be successful in business without having a strong emphasis on compliance and ethics. The latest evidence of that is the fact that in Brazil, which has been stricken with high-profile fraud scandals in recent years, a new rule requires any companies doing […]

GDPR: A 21st Century approach to Compliance

Ever since its conception, GDPR has caused a strong stir in the legal and compliance world. The new law builds on the previous data protection legislation but at the same time provides more resilient protections for consumers, and more privacy considerations for organisations involved in the processing of personal data. The new EU General Data […]

CRI celebrates Fraud Week 2017

2017 International Fraud Awareness Week (also called “Fraud Week”) kicked off on Sunday and is in full swing. CRI Group is a proud supporter of this important initiative every year, and we encourage business leaders to take this time to consider all of their fraud prevention measures, including anti-fraud training for employees. Does your organisation have a training […]

Pakistan’s 1st ever Anti-Bribery Summit is a success

Last Thursday, 26 October, the region’s leading anti-fraud professionals gathered in Karachi, Pakistan, for CRI Group’s Pakistan’s 1st ever Anti-Bribery Summit. CRI Group took the initiative to organise the first Anti-Bribery Summit in Pakistan with the goal to redefine the anti-bribery culture within organisations in the country. The Anti-Bribery Summit couldn’t have come at a […]

Fraud: Ripple effects of the Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey devastates the Texas coast and the U.S. megacity of Houston, however its ripple effects go beyond as investigators will be on high alert for another type of threat: fraud. Disaster fraud is nothing new. Law enforcement, prosecutors and other legal authorities in eight different countries are still dealing with cases from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, which devastated […]

Q&A: Corporate Fraud and Corruption in UK

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Protecting Data: Businesses Needs GDPR

In just over a year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in Europe. This sea change in data privacy is aimed at improving protections for individuals within the European Union, providing them with more control over how their personal data is used. It will also clarify and standardise from a legal […]

Signs of Progress in Uphill Battle Against Corruption

From NPR Kiev’s Solomyansky District Court is a four-story pink building squeezed between an Orthodox church with golden domes and the soaring office tower of Ukraine’s tax service. Inside the court, a judge was preparing to rule on extending the pre-trial detention of Roman Nasirov, the suspended head of Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service. Afraid that […]

Anti-Corruption Hotline Nabs +3,000 Civil Servants

From All Africa South Africa Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says over 3,000 officials were found guilty of misconduct related to cases reported via the National Anti-Corruption Hotline (NACH). The Minister said this when he led a briefing of the Governance and Administration Cluster at the Imbizo Centre on Thursday. “The closure rate underscores a […]

GDPR: Everything you need to know

From eMarketer The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put in place to standardise existing laws that call for transparency in how companies collect and store personal data about EU citizens. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Scott Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Evidon, and Todd Ruback, the compliance services company’s chief privacy officer […]

Move Over, ID Theft – Here’s the New No. 1 Fraud

From CBS News Beware of bogus IRS agents, fake offers of tech support – in other words, impostors. They’ve overtaken identity thieves to become the nation’s top fraudsters, according to the latest consumer complaint data. The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel project, which tallies up the number and type of consumer complaints received each year, reported […]

Time to get ISO 37001:2016 certified… the process, part 2

8ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System Certification is critical for organisations in the public, private and non-profit sectors. It provides an important layer against threats of bribery, corruption, fraud and other security concerns. It also sets an organisation apart from its peers, as models for ethical behaviour and compliance. In a recent blog, we discussed the first […]