The newly published Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI 2021) is out. This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) reveals that corruption levels are at a worldwide standstill. The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories around the world by their perceived levels of public sector corruption. The results are given on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). This year, the global average remains unchanged for the tenth year in a row, at just 43 out of a possible 100 points. Despite multiple commitments, 131 countries have made no significant progress against corruption in the last decade. Two-thirds of countries score below 50, indicating that they have serious corruption problems, while 27 countries are at their lowest score ever. That proves the need to implement more stringent anti-bribery anti-corruption measures worldwide. In this article, we discuss solutions to tackle bribery in these regions.

What’s happening around the world?

At the top of the CPI, countries in Western Europe and the European Union continue to wrestle with transparency and accountability in their response to COVID-19, threatening the region’s clean image. In parts of Asia Pacific, the Americas, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, increasing restrictions on accountability measures and basic civil freedoms allow corruption to go unchecked. Even historically high-performing countries are showing signs of decline.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the interests of a powerful few continue to dominate the political and private sphere, and the limitations placed on civil and political freedoms are blocking any significant progress. In Sub-Saharan Africa, armed conflict, violent transitions of power and increasing terrorist threats combined with poor enforcement of anti-corruption commitments rob citizens of their basic rights and services. Download the 2021 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index  and compare with last years (2020) corruption wins, scandals and predictions for each region (Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Pakistan).

Trouble at the top, COVID-19 and human rights

The current business climate requires a review and reassessment of your organization’s third-party relationships. The global pandemic is rattling economies worldwide, disrupting supply chains, interrupting production, wreaking havoc on industry sectors and shuttering businesses.

It’s highly probable that, at some point, organizations that affiliate with outside providers will eventually have to deal with any number of operational interruptions resulting from a third-party related issue. And while the risks involved in partnering with outsiders haven’t changed over time, the potential level of liability has been ratcheted up several notches.  

International Borders have been ripped down. Technology has improved the way businesses communicate. Easy access to data and information enables the media to report on business news before a business can adequately respond. Consequently, the markets quickly react based on this 24/7 on-demand news cycle.

The result of this increased liability can be highly problematic:

  • Business litigation has skyrocketed.  
  • Due to the fallout from the current global pandemic, corporate reputations are negatively impacted.  
  • Risk management frameworks are continually evolving to acclimate to changing business environments. 
  • Board members are becoming increasingly subjected to intense scrutiny from outside critics.

THE CHALLENGE: A highly educated market responds immediately with their pocketbooks

  • Organizations suffer financial loss as the supply chain falters and loses customers because of poor-quality service from a third party.  
  • Company data systems are exposed and breached because of poor security practices by third parties.
  • Companies are experiencing supply chain issues due to poor disaster recovery procedures by third parties.
  • Organizations are increasingly being exposed to litigation because of relationships with an outside provider that significantly violated contractual terms, potentially resulting in regulatory exposure.

THE OUTCOMES: Identifying Red Flags

  • Inadequate Compliance Framework 
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Environmental Negative Impact
  • Inadequate Governance Policies
  • Undisclosed third-party transactions
  • Material misrepresentations or omissions
  • Unreported financial liabilities
  • Criminal or regulatory sanctions
  • Prior bribe or corruption allegations
  • Undisclosed legal or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

THE SOLUTION: Qualify Your Partners. Protect Your Organisation

Corporate Research and Investigations Limited (CRI® Group) is pleased to announce the rollout of its 3PRM-Certified™ a third-party certification program, specifically designed for organisations across the Middle East, Europe and Asian regions. CRI® Group’s 3PRM-Certified™ Risk Management Program Presents an Effective Strategy to Vet Outside Partnerships.  

This highly specialised Third-Party Risk Management assessment and certification program was developed to help organisations accurately determine the legal compliance, financial viability, and integrity levels of outside partners, suppliers, and customers who seek to affiliate with and represent your business.  

CRI® Group’s 3PRM-Certified™ third-party risk management strategy can safeguard your organisation against:

  • Business Interruption;
  • Brand Damage;
  • Corporate Liability; and
  • Director Liability.


The 3PRM-Certified™ program consists of gap analysis investigative due diligence on targeted third-party partners, suppliers and agents seeking to affiliate with your organisation. This comprehensive program can reveal any Anti-Corruption, Compliance and Risk Management deficiencies associated with the international regulatory framework. The International Standards Organisation ISO achieves another milestone to launch ISO 37000:2021 Governance of organisations, ISO 37002:2021 Whistleblowing Management systems in-line with ISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems to demonstrate effective corporate compliance and Environmental, Social, and Governance. 

CRI® Group employs a network of locally qualified, subject-specific auditors, investigators, certified fraud examiners and industry-specific professionals across the Middle East, European and Asian regions who can provide expert counsel in offering 3PRM-Certified™ strategies as an effective preemptive measure. 

3PRM™ Gap Analysis can also be combined with a accredited certification by CRI® Group’s independent certification body “ABAC® Center of Excellence Limited” for the scope of:

  • ISO 37000:2021 Governance of organisations;
  • ISO 37002:2021 Whistleblowing Management Systems;
  • ISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems; and
  • ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certification to demonstrate effective corporate compliance and Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Has your organisation adequately vetted its third-party relationships lately? Contact CRI® Group to learn more about our 3PRM-Certified™ third-party risk management strategy program and discover a practical and proactive approach to mitigating the risks associated with corruption, bribery, financial crimes and other dangerous threats posed by third-party partnerships. We invite you to schedule a quick appointment with us to discuss you third-party risk management strategy needs.

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Who is CRI® Group?

Based in London, CRI® Group works with companies across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific as a one-stop international Risk ManagementEmployee Background ScreeningBusiness IntelligenceTPRMDue DiligenceCompliance Solutions and other professional Investigative Research solutions provider. We have the largest proprietary network of background-screening analysts and investigators across the Middle East and Asia. Our global presence ensures that no matter how international your operations are we have the network needed to provide you with all you need, wherever you happen to be. CRI® Group also holds BS 102000:2013 and BS 7858:2012 Certifications, is an HRO certified provider and partner with Oracle.

In 2016, CRI® Group launched Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC®) Center of Excellence – an independent certification body that provides education and certification services for individuals and organisations on a wide range of disciplines and ISO standards, including ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management- GuidelinesISO 37000:2021 Governance of OrganisationsISO 37002:2021 Whistleblowing Management SystemISO 37301:2021 (formerly ISO 19600) Compliance Management system (CMS)Anti-Money Laundering (AML); and ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems ABMS. ABAC® offers a complete suite of solutions designed to help organisations mitigate the internal and external risks associated with operating in multi-jurisdiction and multi-cultural environments while assisting in developing frameworks for strategic compliance programs. Contact ABAC® for more on ISO Certification and training.