The automotive industry is the world’s largest economic sectors by revenue. And the uncertainty and risk in the global automotive industry is never ending. The automotive industry faces uncertain times as the specter of a trade war between countries crucial to the global car market looms. Recent developments in the Automotive industry such as the maturation of the sharing economy, advent of connected cars, artificial intelligence, and automation in manufacturing and driving are fostering an evolution.

However the automotive industry is possibly one of the very few industries that are thriving during COVID-19 pandemic. The Guardian “UK car dealer sales rise as Covid drives people from public transport” reported a jump in new and used vehicle sales in July as buyers rushed to secure alternatives to public transport following the easing of the UK’s coronavirus lockdowns.

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Case Study: Ethics, compliance & Rolls-Royce

This report analyses the performance of Rolls-Royce in terms of anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies within the scope of the ISO 37001 provisions. This organisation has been involved in several large-scale investigations in recent years, which makes it especially interesting to explore how it has changed its policies in this sphere to address the identified deficiencies.

Rolls-Royce case study


The Role of a Fraud Investigator

Fraud investigators are the front line of establishing the facts of suspected fraud or other unethical business behaviour. A fraud investigator’s skillset and wide knowledge of fraud laws, evidence gathering and interviewing make them the go-to expert for investigating insurance fraud, financial fraud, procurement fraud, asset recovery, cyber fraud, healthcare fraud, retail fraud and other […]

FTC guide for small business to avoid Scams

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a guide for small business. Scams & Your Small Business guide is part of FTC’s efforts to help small business owners to avoid scams. If you are a small business owner or are part of a non-profit organisation, you spend a time and energy on making sure your organisation […]

7 Traits of a Resilient Leader

Seven Traits of a Resilient Leader Every successful leader has encountered a challenging scenario at some point in their career. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, however, has forced leaders to face unforeseen new challenges. With the pandemic’s colossal impact on operations, workforces, profits and supply chains across the globe, all eyes are on leadership to guide […]

Ethical code of conduct: What should be covered?

Business leaders are usually quick to communicate their expectations to employees, especially when it comes to financial goals or tasks that they want accomplished. However, what is often lacking is a clear, concise explanation of what the organisation expects in terms of ethical behaviour. The recent article “Puffery or Not? Courts Examine Corporate Codes of […]

1 in 3 Furloughed UK Employees Pressured to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major crisis for businesses and employees around the world. To make matters worse, some unscrupulous employers in the UK have abused the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme by engaging in furlough fraud. They do this by accepting taxpayer money designed to help them pay salaries for furloughed workers, who are […]

Create a zero-tolerance approach to fraud with ISO 37001 ABMS

Smart business leaders know that “Tone at the Top” is a critical factor in the culture of an organisation. The behaviour and attitudes exhibited by those at the top of the chain set an example for the rest of the staff to follow. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to ethical standards. If a company is [...]