Gathering intelligence isn’t just the stuff of spy movies. It’s also an important part of the business world – and when conducted legally, ethically and effectively, it is a critical tool for any organisation seeking to be successful in their industry or field.

Business investigations are about more than just identifying risk factors or weaknesses. They also reveal opportunities, from emerging commercial markets to potential new partnerships and acquisitions. At CRI® Group, our business intelligence revolves around giving you the information and the edge you need to make smart, insightful decisions that help grow your business.

Consider this: How quickly is the business world-changing in the face of technology and our interconnected world? What is your organisation doing to stay ahead of this curve and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities as they develop? In this article, we’ll talk about how business intelligence can help you grow your business while also avoiding some serious pitfalls.

Market research & analysis: Your key to information

CRI® Group’s market research & analysis experts gather the facts you need to make critical decisions, from entering new markets or industries to partnering with other organisations. Our service is based on getting you accurate information on a timely basis, interpreting and communicating it in a way that makes it easy to integrate it into your business planning.

For example, our CRI® Group’s agents put their investigative skills to work for you by helping you identify and analyse the following factors in your organisation’s market:

  • Unmet needs. What gap can your organisation help fill?
  • Consumer behaviour and business trends. How can your organisation take advantage?
  • Brand awareness and identity. Is your organisation known and respected?
  • Commercial viability and potential for success. What’s holding you back?

CRI® Group’s experts also know business trends and market changes and will guide you through the process of effectively communicating your brand and marketing your product through times of transition.

Commercial investigations: Know what you’re getting into

Mergers, partnerships and acquisitions represent another exciting area of potential growth for your organisation. But never go into such major engagements blind. CRI® Group’s comprehensive and thorough commercial investigation services involve a review of all relevant information concerning virtually any business on the planet to ascertain past business dealings, criminal records, executive stability and suspect associations.

Before you engage with another entity, CRI Group’s experts focus on the other organisation’s industry experience, its financial condition, knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, reputation, and the scope and effectiveness of its operations and controls. Our commercial investigations can reveal:

  • Details of the organisation’s business and operations
  • The organisation’s financial condition and reputation
  • Any past or present litigation involving the organisation
  • Background checks of the organisation’s key principals
  • Reference checks, including peer businesses and industry groups
  • Certifications, quality controls and continuous improvement initiatives
  • The organisation’s experience in implementing and delivering on the proposed scope of services
  • The organisation’s culture, vision and business style
  • The organisation’s internal controls, information systems, security, confidentiality and contingency planning documents
  • Any existing working relationships to gauge the reliance on subcontractors
  • Adequacy of insurance coverage
  • Marketing and customer service practices

In business, you need every piece of information available in order to position your organisation for success. With the right mix of market research and analysis and commercial investigations, opportunities will be clearer, and engagements become more secure. Contact CRI® Group today to learn how our business intelligence services can help.