Celebrating 20 Years of PBSA: A Spectacular Event in Grapevine, TX

The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) is gearing up to celebrate its momentous 20-year anniversary at the 2023 PBSA Annual Conference in Grapevine, TX. This event promises to be a memorable occasion, filled with networking opportunities, informative sessions, and, of course, plenty of celebration.

Let’s take a closer look at what attendees can expect during this milestone event. 

An Unforgettable Celebration

PBSA’s 2023 Annual Conference will be more than just a typical industry gathering. With two decades of excellence to commemorate, the celebration kicks off on Sunday evening with the Network Reception, where attendees from diverse backgrounds and industries can come together to connect and build relationships. The camaraderie will continue with the grand Opening Ceremony, followed by the highly anticipated Exhibit Hall Opening Showcase, featuring cutting-edge products and services from top industry players. 

The 20 Year Opening Gala

One of the highlights of the event will be the 20 Year Opening Gala on Sunday evening. This elegant affair will take place at 8 p.m. and promises to be a night to remember. The gala will feature a dueling piano performance, setting the perfect tone for an evening of festivity and celebration. Attendees are encouraged to dress in black and gold formal attire to add a touch of elegance to the occasion. However, the organizers are welcoming all attendees, whether in tuxedos and long gowns or semi-formal attire, to be a part of this grand celebration. 

Conference Days – Informative Sessions 

Monday and Tuesday will be filled with a series of informative sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders. Attendees can expect engaging discussions, educational workshops, and insights into the latest trends and advancements in the background screening industry. These conference days will offer an excellent opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the professional growth of the background screening community. 


CRI Group™ at the 2023 PBSA Annual Conference:

CRI Group™ is thrilled to be an integral part of the 20-year celebration and excited to showcase our latest offerings at the conference. Our team of experts will be available at booths 610 & 612 to provide personalized demonstrations of EmploySmart™ and DueDiligence360™, two groundbreaking solutions that have set new industry standards.



    EmploySmart™ is our state-of-the-art background screening platform that leverages advanced technology and artificial intelligence to streamline the screening process. EmploySmart™ is more than just a screening platform; it’s a powerful tool that ensures a seamless experience for candidates and empowers employers to make confident and informed hiring decisions. With EmploySmart™, you can expect faster turnaround times without compromising on accuracy.

    Our platform leverages cutting-edge technology to perform various essential checks, including address verification, identity verification, previous employment verification, and education & credential verification.  



    Going beyond domestic boundaries, EmploySmart™ offers international criminal record checks, enabling you to make informed decisions about candidates with international backgrounds. For organizations seeking to delve deeper into a candidate’s integrity and reputation, our integrity due diligence service provides invaluable information.


  • DueDiligence360™

    DueDiligence360™ is a comprehensive due diligence solution that provides a deep and thorough analysis of potential business partners, vendors, and other stakeholders. With our meticulously curated reports and risk assessments, businesses can make critical decisions with a heightened level of confidence and transparency. 


Basic DueDiligence360™ Package:

Our Basic DueDiligence360™ investigation covers a wide range of critical checks, including international business verification, personal profiles on individuals, and company profiles on corporate entities. We conduct historical ownership analysis, identify subsidiaries, and uncover connected parties to give you a complete understanding of a subject’s business interests. Our global/national criminality & regulatory records checks, Politically Exposed Person database searches, and global terrorism checks provide essential information on potential risks and associations. 

We also conduct thorough digital media research and company background analysis to ensure you have a comprehensive view of a subject’s online presence and reputation. Additionally, our investigation includes industry reputational assessment, FCPA and UK Anti-Bribery & Corruption risk database checks, and money laundering risk database checks, ensuring that you are aware of any potential compliance or regulatory concerns. 

Furthermore, we provide financial reports and asset tracing, giving you valuable insights into a subject’s financial history and stability. Our country-specific databases include litigation checks, law enforcement agencies, and capital market regulators, providing you with comprehensive information about a subject’s legal and regulatory standing. 


Level I Essential Integrity Due Diligence Package:

Building upon the DueDiligence360™ Package, our Level I Essential Integrity Due Diligence goes deeper into a subject’s corporate structure and affiliations. We verify addresses, telephone numbers, and corporate records, including shareholdings and directorships. Our investigation includes verification of corporate and business affiliations, as well as personal information on key principals associated with the subject entity. 

We conduct research on government affiliations, political positions, and relationships with public officials to assess potential reputational issues. Additionally, we research criminal history records, civil litigation, liens, judgments, and bankruptcies to identify any red flags that could impact your association with the subject. 


Level II Enhanced Integrity Due Diligence Package:

Our Level II Enhanced Integrity Due Diligence is the most comprehensive investigation, providing an in-depth understanding of a subject’s activities and history. In addition to all the checks included in Level I, we conduct onsite visits to verify addresses and localities, ensuring greater accuracy in our findings. We verify previous employments, projects completed, business and personal references, academic and professional qualifications, and current activities. 

Our investigation delves into the background and track record of key principals and shareholders, with a focus on regulatory or reputational issues of concern. We thoroughly examine property records and asset ownership to provide a complete financial picture. 

Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive screenings of local and international sanction lists, PEP databases checks, global compliance database searches, OFAC, and other international sanctions and law enforcement institutions. Our research includes profiling the positioning and connections of the subject and its key principals and shareholders, including business relationships, political affiliations, and exposure to international anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation. We also undertake source interviews to gather local and industry expert insights, ensuring a well-rounded investigation.

Join CRI Group™ at the PBSA Annual Conference and discover how EmploySmart™ and DueDiligence360™ can transform your background screening procedures. Take this opportunity to meet our team of experts, discuss your unique screening requirements, and learn how CRI™ can be your trusted partner in ensuring accurate and compliant background screenings.

Book your meetings at our booths 610 & 612 to secure a personalized session tailored to your needs.