Background Investigations

Are you making informed decisions?

Background screening investigations are critical to any company’s success because working with qualified, honest and hard-working employees and other businesses is an integral part of thriving in the business community. What you don’t know can hurt you, and the simple act of one bad decision can result in an unprecedented loss for your company.

From vendor and third-party screening to employment screening, CRI Group recommends background investigations as key proactive measures to help keep your business safe. An effective background screening investigation will help screen for bad apples who can cause havoc down the road.

Because we maintain a diverse talent base comprised of multilingual and multi-cultural professionals, CRI is able to traverse obstacles that often impede international background screening investigations. That’s why we are frequently contracted by our competitors to conduct background screening investigations in geographic regions not serviced or accessible by larger investigative firms. In fact, background screening firms worldwide use CRI Group to conduct background screening investigations in remote areas across the globe, where we are able to produce quality results that meet the constraints of tight timeframes and restricted budgets.

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Employee background checks
Pre-employment and post-employment background checks are critical to any company’s success because hiring qualified, honest and hard-working employees is an integral part of thriving in the business community. Are you ready to EmploySmart™?

Due diligence 360
Due diligence on potential business partners is vital to confirm legitimacy and reduce the risks associated with such professional relationships. This level of due diligence will ensure that working with potential outside party will ultimately achieve your organisation’s strategic and financial goals.


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