We are always ready to assist you to effectively manage your business and organisation in an efficient and risk-free manner that best suits your needs. CRI® Group’s investigators and Certified Fraud Examiners understand the patterns of fraud and are trained to recognise the elements of fraud characteristics and where they might come into play at any organisation. It is through this knowledge that we can help you uncover the trail of fraud and help bring about a quick and successful resolution.

Having global coverage, CRI® works directly with the key personnel to lead and conduct fraud investigations, including, if needed, your internal board of directors, audit committee, ethics and compliance officers, general and in-house counsel, corporate security, human resources, and C-level executives. Explore our broad range of risk management solutions for your business.

Risk Management Services Brochure

Risk Management Solutions

Risk management has never been easy. But it’s important for people to approach it from the right perspective. They can consider the potential outcomes associated with various risks, while also considering the risks. However, addressing every risk individually would be particularly challenging. It makes much more sense to choose risk management methods that will address several risks and many of the related outcomes all at once

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Due Diligence 360

Due diligence on potential business partners is vital to confirm the legitimacy and reduce the risks associated with such professional relationships. This level of due diligence will ensure that working with potential outside parties will achieve your organisation’s strategic and financial goals.

TPRM (3PRM) Services Brochure

3PRM™ Solution

CRI® Group’s own exclusive, expert-developed 3PRM™ services help you proactively mitigate risks from third-party affiliations, protecting your organisation from liability, brand damage and harm to the business.

Employee background Checks Services Brochure

Employee Background Checks

Pre-employment and post-employment background checks are critical to any company’s success because hiring qualified, honest, and hard-working employees is an integral part of thriving in the business community. Are you ready to EmploySmart™?

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AML Advisory Services

Meet stakeholder expectations and safeguard your corporate reputation & competitive positioning. You need to comply with national, regional, and international legislative frameworks such as Section 453 of the 2017 Companies Act (Pakistan); and the UK’s Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2000). More fundamentally, money that is unknowingly, unwittingly or (in the case of fraud and corruption) even consciously ‘laundered’ through the organisation could ultimately support, finance and promote international terrorism and the drugs trade. An effective AML framework is a testament to your organisation position against crime.

Background Checks: An Essential Process

Background Screening Investigations

Background screening investigations are critical to any company’s success because working with qualified, honest and hard-working employees and other businesses is an integral part of thriving in the business community.

Insurance Fraud Services and Solutions

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud is something that no company can afford. CRI® Group’s investigations cover the full range of insurance fraud cases, from healthcare fraud to disability and even fake death claims. Our experts are trained to look for the tell-tale signs of fraud.

Business Intelligence Services Brochure

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is most effective when it combines data derived from the market in which your business operates (external) with data from within such as financial and operations data (internal).

Investigative services and solutions

Investigative Solutions

Safeguard your business from unseen threats such as employee fraud, compliance issues, third-party risk factors, and other concerns that can quickly — and severely — impact any organisation in any part of the world.

Compliance services and solutions

Compliance Solutions

CRI® Group’s compliance solutions are tailored to your organisation’s needs, helping assure compliance in all areas and keeping you one step ahead of regulatory requirements.

Brand Protection & Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement

Brand Protection & Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement

Intellectual property can be a business’s most valuable asset. So when outside parties threaten to steal your ideas, copy your products or disrupt your marketing channels, corrective action on your part can become tedious, time-consuming and expensive. CRI® Group’s IP experts understand the intricacies and importance of protecting your intellectual property. CRI® Group can stay a step ahead of the wrongdoers who want to benefit from your IP investment by working alongside a global network of anti-counterfeit investigators, consultants, advisors, and industry groups.

International Anti Corruption Day 2021

Governance & Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC) Solutions

The first step of demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to implementing an effective anti-bribery management system is to commit to ISO 37001 training and/or ISO 37001 certification. All ISO Certification and Training services are provided by our ABAC® Group subsidiary brand.



Corporate Research and Investigations Limited, “CRI® Group” Established in 1990, worked it for three generations now including its subsidiaries and sister companies with the same name and style, however, operating under a new trading name Corporate Research and Investigations Limited “CRI® Group” a global provider of Anti-Corruption, Compliance and Risk Management, Investigative Research, Forensic Accounting, Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption, Integrity Due Diligence Investigations, Background Investigations and Specialising In Third-Party Risk Management and Screening being additional support to Corporate Governance and Compliance Solutions.

CRI® Group was further expanded during 2008, and incorporated, licensed, and insured with the most significant operational capabilities in the world’s respected financial regulatory authorities, specifically Dubai International Financial Centre-DIFC and Qatar Financial Centre-QFC, and Canary Wharf London, the United Kingdom; CRI® Group is Corporate Members with the Association of Certified Fraud ExaminersFraud Advisory PanelProfessional Background Screening AssociationInternational Corporate Compliance and many other industry professional trade organisations.

CRI® Group maintains regional strategically located offices in UAE, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Turkey, USA, and the United Kingdom with further well-establish and well-connected network of operatives, local agents, and researchers to undertake clients investigative research, public record research and human resources inquiries across the regions.

CRI® Group safeguards businesses by establishing the legal compliance, financial viability, and integrity levels of outside partners, suppliers and customers seeking to affiliate with our client’s business. Reach out for help!