Background Checks: To Check or Not to Check?

Background checks don’t tend to make international news. They are the low-key diligent step in most well-managed recruitment processes to comfort employers that the person they are hiring is everything they seem – and nothing more.

That’s why the background checks of Belle Gibson, a super influencer who lied about having cancer, and Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee to the US Supreme Court, tend to make news headlines for who can you trust if not those in direct line of the public eye?

The Story of Belle Gibson & Brett Kavanaugh

Belle Gibson was a Melbourne “wellness” who rose to fame after sharing her story on Instagram of her terminal brain cancer and how she controls it through the power of healthy eating. Gibson claimed to have kept her cancer under control by turning away conventional medicinal practices and instead of following what she termed a “wellness” diet, a diet consisting of avocados, berries, no alcohol and so on.

Sounds impressive, right? To rid yourself of an incurable disease simply through eating better? Think again – it is too good to be true. The influencers lie caused untold damage, including turning a 44-year-old mother away from her chemotherapy in hopes of attaining Ms Gibson’s lifestyle.

But the reason why this lie broke headlines is because of what followed; a book deal with Penguin Books publishing company and an Apple app titled ‘The Whole Pantry’. It was evident that neither the tech giants nor the publishers thought to verify her assertions, thus leading to a $320,000 fine and a lot more emotional damage for the individual’s that Ms Gibson had provided false hope.

Context is everything, of course, and this job-for-life is one of the more crucial public office positions in the United States. Mr Kavanaugh had undergone six separate background checks during his career before the latest, which the FBI recently completed on behalf of the White House. Each of these will have been meticulous and thorough, right down to interviews with neighbours and acquaintances.

But you don’t have to be entrusted with national security clearance to pose a real risk to your employer. All staff members are in a position of trust, and even the humblest labourers or office workers will have privileged access to property – whether physical or intellectual. And this is not a theoretical risk – it’s a truism that employees or contractors cause the vast majority of security breaches.

The Compliance Perspective

Interviewing the ex-wives and sports coaches of factory and desk clerks is overkill and not economic. And that is where professional background checking comes in. It allows low hassle, cost-effective and fast checking for all recruits and employees to ensure everyone is what they claim to be, from the CEO to the company mascot.

Such checks will cover everything required to give HR directors and governing boards peace of mind: from criminal record checks and right-to-work documentation to education and qualification verifications and employment records.

A properly systematised process, supported by local intelligence, is essential to keeping costs low without compromising quality or effectiveness.

CRI Group is one of the few providers with a truly global reach and more than thirty years of experience in the sector. Our proven process means that we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry – typically just 3-5 days. Meanwhile, our more than 175 investigatory experts on the ground across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, ensure we can navigate local customs, processes and regulations, no matter where your employees are based.


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ABAC® operates through its global network of certified ethics and compliance professionals, qualified auditors and other certified professionals. As a result, CRI Group’s international team of certified fraud examiners work as a discreet white-labelled supplier to some of the world’s largest organisations. Contact ABAC for more on ISO Certification and training.