Prove that your business is ethical. Complete our FREE Highest Ethical Business Assessment (HEBA) and evaluate your current Corporate Compliance Program. Find out if your organisation’s compliance program is in line with worldwide Compliance, Business Ethics, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Frameworks. Let our experts prepare a complimentary gap analysis (worth USD 1,172 | GBP 950 | ₨ 220,312 | EUR 1,122) of your compliance program to evaluate if it meets “adequate procedures” requirements under UK Bribery Act, DOJ’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs Guidance and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

What’s a Gap Analysis, and why do I need it?

In management literature, Gap analysis involves the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance. If your organisation does not make the best use of current resources or forgoes investment in capital or technology, it is likely to perform below the desired goal. Our Gap analysis involves determining, if your current set of internal policies and procedures do comply with laws, rules, and regulations to uphold your business reputation and how can you improve current capabilities difference to meet current industry and regulatory requirements.

Our HEBA survey is designed to evaluate your compliance with adequate procedures to prevent bribery and corruption across the organisation. Acting as a benchmarking, the gap analysis will allow you to understand what is the general expectation of performance within your industry and compare that expectation with your organisation’s current level of performance. At this level, the gap analysis will allow you to highlight any gap and focus on ways to address it and improve your Corporate Compliance Program.

Highest Ethical Business Assessment: Evaluating Adequate Compliance, Business Ethics, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Framework

This survey is monitored and evaluated by qualified ABAC® professionals with Business Ethics, Legal and Compliance background. The questions are open-ended to encourage a qualitative analysis of your Compliance Program and to facilitate the gap analysis process. If you aren’t performing gap analyses within your company, you may have a more significant gap than you think.


The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete

Are you addressing corporate compliance?

  1. Implementing written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct;
  2. Designating a compliance officer and compliance committee;
  3. Conducting effective training and education;
  4. Developing effective lines of communication;
  5. Conducting internal monitoring and auditing;
  6. Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines;
  7. Responding promptly to detected offences and undertaking corrective action; and
  8. Annual reviews.

Each of these elements requires a robust, organisation-wide enforcement and documentation. Corporate compliance programs are most successful when they’re integrated into the management of your practice–creating a culture of compliance within your practice is your best bet to avoid any regulatory breaches and fines!

Why is it important?

Corporate compliance should be an essential part of your business operations, regardless industry or size. How does your business manage compliance and mitigate risk? Taking preventative measures can feel like a hassle upfront, but it can save your organisation untold costs in the long run. Corporate compliance violations can result in fines, penalties, lawsuits, loss of reputation, and more. Keep your business from learning the lesson the hard way.  If you’re ready to take control of compliance and protect your business from risk, learn more about CRI® Group today and discover how we can help your corporate compliance program.

Start developing a compliance program today!

About us

Based in London, CRI® Group works with companies across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific as a one-stop international Risk ManagementEmployee Background ScreeningBusiness IntelligenceDue DiligenceCompliance Solutions and other professional Investigative Research solutions provider. We have the largest proprietary network of background-screening analysts and investigators across the Middle East and Asia. Our global presence ensures that no matter how international your operations are we have the network needed to provide you with all you need, wherever you happen to be. CRI® Group also holds BS 102000:2013 and BS 7858:2012 Certifications, is an HRO certified provider and partner with Oracle.

In 2016, CRI® Group launched Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC®) Center of Excellence – an independent certification body established for ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management SystemsISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems and ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management, providing training and certification. ABAC® operates through its global network of certified ethics and compliance professionals, qualified auditors and other certified professionals. As a result, CRI® Group’s global team of certified fraud examiners work as a discreet white-labelled supplier to some of the world’s largest organisations. Contact ABAC® for more on ISO Certification and training.

Speak up – report any illegal, unethical, or improper behaviour!

If you find yourself in an ethical dilemma or suspect inappropriate or illegal conduct, and you feel uncomfortable reporting through normal channels of communication, or wish to raise the issue anonymously, use CRI® Group’s Compliance Hotline. The Compliance Hotline is a secure and confidential reporting channel managed by an independent provider. When reporting a concern in good faith, you will be protected by CRI® Group’s Non-Retaliation Policy.