Running a new start-up or even a mature and successful business setup is no mean task. Hopefully, you have safely weathered all the storms that came your way in 2022: transitioning from the unprecedented pandemic; walking straightaway into the looming inflation; the messy Russia-Ukraine war that keeps going on and on; and the FTX Crypto collapse that took out the little faith that you might have nurtured in your crypto get-rich-quick dreams.

As you get set to energise your business in 2023, all of us at the CRI Group™ send you our warmest wishes for lots of learning opportunities, continued growth, and fruitful collaborations.

New Year Resolutions

Here are a few New Year Resolutions that will help you and your business rock and roll in the coming year:

  • Put your processes on paper and delegate

Preparing a master document with your strategies and processes can help you brainstorm with your think tank and fine-tune your strategies. Delegating key tasks will free up your time which can be effectively used to plan growth. This also means ensuring you have skilled and trustworthy people to take key decisions during crunch times.

  • Schedule Strategy meetings regularly

It is important to plan, strategise and review your company’s growth every fortnight or even every week, perhaps. Reviewing goals regularly can tell you if your ship is sailing in the right direction and help you correct course as required for long-term growth. This includes changing plans if things are not working out as planned.

  • Adopt a Performance Management System for efficiency

Tracking the progress of your employees, managers, and the company goals are best managed by putting a Performance Management System and KPIs in place. This will help you get everyone properly trained and prepare those with leadership skills for promotions in key positions. This system will also allow you to focus on other key matters rather than grapple with daily, mundane matters. A look at CRI’s Business Intelligence Solutions can help you with this.

  • Get your house in order

This may seem very insignificant, but wouldn’t you rather walk into and work in a tidy place that is well organised, systematic, and inspires you to give your best? A well-maintained organisation emits positive energy and conveys a professional look to your clients and suppliers. CRI Group’s compliance solutions will also help you in ensuring compliance audits in all areas and keeping you one step ahead of regulatory requirements.

  • Be a Santa for someone

Always, always count your blessings. Give back in whatever way you can to your employees, your suppliers, your community, and the underprivileged in your area of business operations. Given the tough times that everyone is going through, your time or money can be the reason for their smile today and every day. The feel-good factor that you get enveloped in will be well worth it all!

The CRI® Group highly values the relationships we have built over the years, and we owe you our gratitude for the success we have achieved. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Thank you once again for your valuable support.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023! Having shared New Year Resolutions you could take up for the new year, we are excited to work with you in the years to come!

Cheers to our continued relationship

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