Neglecting Background Screening

Are you neglecting background screening? What consequences may affect your organisation when you ignore this process when hiring? What is it about Background Screening? Statistics have revealed to us that a substantial quantity of resumes that are presented to HR during the recruitment process comprised fabricated material; shortlisting is a rigorous assortment procedure intended to put your applicant on trial, but if you are interviewing an individual who has fabricated much of their resume, how can you make a good judge of character? Put, executing a pre-employment check is the best way to combat this issue.

Background screening is vital to organisations of all types and industries as it can assist in authenticating your employees’ record of accomplishment and help avoid a bad hire. Before COVID-19, it was found that an estimate of 85% of organisations testified to conducting background screening of some type. On the same note, a vast 92 per cent stated that they trust their employees with confidential data but without the assistance of a background screening measure. Find out other ways COVID has impacted the hiring process, or download our background screening brochure.

Below, CRI Group™ has compiled a list of 5 risks you are running into when failing to conduct a background screening check before employment.

1. Your prospective member of staff could be a felon

Hiring a candidate with a criminal record could taint your company’s reputation, generate a highly volatile atmosphere in your office, and harm other staff members. An employer has the right to investigate an applicants’ criminal past; however, the only way to genuinely acquire the data surrounding an applicant’s criminal past when they intend on masking the evidence is through a criminal background check. 

A professional background verification service is a must to communicate with the local authorities to acquire legitimate illegal data and make a well-informed decision for the benefit of your organisation.

2. The odds of employing an unqualified candidate devoid of background screening is 1 out of 6

1 out of every 6 candidates carry inflated or falsified documents to persuade you into offering them the position – and this can be accredited to the rise of credential mills and fake corporations; applicants commonly use counterfeit degrees and false employment records to get hired, and it takes more than just a phone call to find out the reality. 

Background service providers use various procedures to obtain legitimate data, including private trips to the university/corporations where applicants allege to have graduated from or worked. Applicants with falsified resumes are not simply deficient in both integrity and honesty – in most cases, they are also not competent enough to fit your job description. A straightforward background verification uncovers this deception and prevents you from hiring an unqualified candidate.

3. Endangering the welfare of other members of the task force

In correspondence to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA),9 % of approximately 22.4 million unlawful drug users are employed either full time or part-time. A substance abuser, aside from grappling with efficiency, will also inhibit the performance of their co-worker with their improper demeanour. 

Employees with a record of drug abuse and misconduct are also deemed to be exceedingly inconsistent and present themselves as a danger to their co-workers; workplace violence and delinquency can be attributed to disregarding employee drug tests and criminal checks – checks that avert such calamities making your office peaceful and an improved place to work.

4. Increased abrasion can also be attributed to improper background screening

Pre-employment screening underlines the notion of quality over quantity. It makes sure that you hire the right candidate from a mass of applicants who applied for the position as employees with unsatisfactory credentials habitually find their way into your organisation through fabricated evidence. Hiring model candidates with an admirable mindset and relevant qualifications can mitigate employee turnover and enhance the general outcome of your organisation. However, the good news is that they never last for long, owing to their shortage of output and failure to handle the work delegated to them.

5. A candidate’s social media presence and global database can help nail down an accurate judge of character

Social media platforms in conjunction with international databases, for instance, criminal watch lists, credit archives, and public litigation archives, can expose your candidates’ positive and negative characteristics that may escape you during the interview and selection process. Abandoning these checks will hinder you as an employer from seeing your candidate’s best or worst side when picking among leading applicants who contend for a critical position. Employers who operate social media checks on their candidates have found it simpler to identify their candidates better, as social media is where the candidates are more apt to demonstrate their temperament and talents. The process for operating social media and archive checks can be burdensome, but rest assured that pre-employment screening providers are devoted to passing thorough checks on social media platforms and hundreds of databases to assist employers worldwide make critical hiring judgments.

The Verdict?

Background screening has achieved immense recognition throughout the world over the previous few years as it should do – its impact and the modern setting assist in diminishing the pressures that jeopardise every employer’s aim to enhance their personnel and work environment. Verification should be a compulsory component of an organisation’s onboarding procedure to alleviate all the risks we have discussed thus far. Notwithstanding the apparent advantages that background screening presents, it likewise confirms that your organisation hires the most excellent contenders who would promise continual triumph.

CRI is certified by British Standard Institute BSI for the scope of BS 7858:2019 screening of individuals working in a secure environment, Code of practice and BS 102000:2018 Code of practice for the provision of investigative services. The BSI is the only BS 7858 accredited background screening services provider in the UAE and the Middle East. Find out more about the BS 7858:2019 or download our BS7858:2019 free playbook.

The more you invest in sourcing morally correct corporate conduct, the more you can expect to be rewarded with a catalytic action to grow and expand your organisation.

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