In an era where financial fraud poses a growing threat to global economies, CRI Group™ steps up as a beacon of innovation and leadership. We are excited to announce our platinum sponsorship at the prestigious ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) Middle East Conference 2024, set to take place in the dynamic city of Abu Dhabi. This event is not just a conference; it’s a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to cultivating a safer, more transparent corporate landscape. 


The Importance of ACFE Middle East Conference 2024 

In light of the growing concern over financial fraud in Dubai, recent statistics and cases highlight the urgency of this issue. A significant rise in fraud attempts has been reported, with 41% of businesses in the UAE experiencing an increase in such incidents over the past year. This is a considerable concern for the region, especially considering the sophisticated nature of some of these fraud cases. 

In 2023, Dubai Police recorded 447 economic crimes, leading to 497 arrests, with confiscated goods and items valued at over Dh1.4 billion. The crimes covered a range of activities, including counterfeiting, commercial fraud, and forgery. The largest share of these cases involved counterfeiting, with 245 cases and goods worth Dh1.27 billion seized. Furthermore, the UAE has seen a substantial financial impact from cybercrime, with costs amounting to $746 million a year, affecting over 166,000 victims. This situation underscores the growing threat of online scams and the importance of heightened vigilance in digital financial transactions. Victims have reported a range of deceptive tactics, including phishing and impersonation scams, which have led to significant financial losses.  

These statistics and cases clearly demonstrate the critical need for focused efforts and innovative strategies in combating financial fraud, making events like the ACFE Middle East Conference 2024 highly relevant and essential for professionals in the field. This conference stands as a premier gathering for professionals dedicated to combating financial fraud. It’s a hub where the brightest minds in the industry converge to exchange ideas, strategies, and breakthroughs. Our platinum sponsorship of this event underscores our dedication to being at the forefront of the anti-fraud community, fostering dialogue, and driving advancements in the field. 


Our Role and Contributions

At CRI Group™, we recognize the complexities and nuances of modern-day fraud. Our proactive approach is not limited to traditional methods; instead, we embrace innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain to stay ahead of fraudsters. The conference will be a stage for us to demonstrate our latest tools and services, designed to seamlessly integrate into various organizational frameworks, enhancing their fraud detection and prevention capabilities. 


Highlighting Changes and Services 

As we prepare for the ACFE Middle East Conference 2024, we’re excited to introduce groundbreaking strategies and services. Our upcoming offerings include advanced predictive analytics models, enhanced risk assessment tools, and bespoke consulting services designed to empower organizations in their relentless pursuit of integrity and transparency. 


Networking and Collaboration Opportunities 

Our team of experts will be at the conference, conducting 1 – 1 sessions, focusing on emerging trends in fraud prevention, effective utilization of data analytics, and the importance of creating a culture of integrity within organizations. These sessions are tailored to provide practical insights and hands-on experience in dealing with real-world challenges. We believe in the power of collaboration. The conference will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with our team, learn about our collaborative projects, and explore potential partnerships. Our aim is to build a cohesive community united in the goal of eradicating fraud. 


Our Services 

In light of the upcoming ACFE Middle East Conference 2024, it’s clear that our suite of services is perfectly aligned to support businesses facing the complex challenges of today’s corporate world. 

EmploySmart™ Employee Background Checks

We conduct thorough background checks for potential employees, ensuring trustworthiness and integrity in your workforce.

Due Diligence 360™

Our due diligence services provide comprehensive assessments of potential business partnerships, ensuring informed decisions and minimizing risk.

Third-Party Risk Management (3PRM™)

Our services identify and manage risks associated with external parties, safeguarding your business against potential third-party vulnerabilities. 

ESG & Sustainability:

We help businesses integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into their strategies, enhancing sustainability and social responsibility.

Background Investigations:

Our detailed background investigations provide deep insights into individuals or entities, essential for security and strategic decision-making.

IP Infringement Investigations:

We specialize in investigating intellectual property infringements, protecting your creative assets and rights.

Fraud Risk Investigations:

This specialized service covers an extensive range of insurance fraud cases, employing sophisticated investigative techniques. It includes analytics-based risk assessment, undercover operations, and digital forensics to uncover deceptive practices in auto, health, life, and property insurance claims. The service is designed to not only identify and investigate fraud but also to assist in legal proceedings and recovery efforts, protecting insurance companies from significant financial losses and reputational damage.

Insurance Fraud Investigations:

We conduct investigations to uncover fraudulent insurance claims, protecting insurers from deceitful practices.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML):

Our AML solutions help in detecting and preventing money laundering activities, ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

Business Intelligence Solutions:

We offer insightful business intelligence solutions, aiding in strategic decision-making and competitive advantage.

Investigative Solutions:

Our investigative solutions are tailored to uncover critical information, supporting various organizational needs.

Compliance Solutions:

We provide comprehensive compliance solutions to ensure your business adheres to legal and regulatory standards.

Anti-Bribery Solutions:

Our anti-bribery services help in preventing corrupt practices, fostering a culture of integrity and ethical business operations.


Each of these services is designed to provide thorough support and solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the security, legality, and efficiency of your business operations.


Join Us At ACFE Middle East Conference 2024

As we anticipate the ACFE Middle East Conference 2024, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all forward-thinking professionals and businesses eager to navigate the intricate landscape of fraud prevention and risk management. Join us in Abu Dhabi for an immersive experience where industry leaders converge to share insights, strategies, and cutting-edge solutions. 

Discover how our comprehensive services, tailored to meet the evolving challenges in due diligence, ESG & sustainability, anti-money laundering, and more, can fortify your business against fraud risks. 

Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey at the conference, shaping the future of corporate integrity and resilience. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and champion the cause of a safer and more secure business environment. We look forward to meeting you at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in the fight against fraud.