Corporate Research and Investigations Limited (CRI® Group) is happy to invite you to watch this exclusive talk with CXO Rendezvous. Our HRBP & Associate Director, Nilofar, sat with CxO Global Forum at the Rendezvous show to talk about her professional journey and discuss insights into the HR domain in Pakistan.

CXO Rendezvous is a monthly series that is intended to connect the professional community, and listen to inspiring talks from industry leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators. And in this particular episode, Nilofar discusses how HR departments continue to evolve to meet the demands of a fast-paced, digitally-driven environment, forcing employers to be met with a new and distinct set of challenges. Nilofar also discusses how important is it to engage the workforce; attract and retain talent; manage relationships; train and development, embrace inevitable change, employee health and well-being, and more…


Ms. Nilofar A. Gardezi is a Senior Certified HR professional with more than nine (9) years of experience in HR. She has expertise in strategic human-centric based HR practices. She holds membership in PSHRM, SODEIT-UN and Rotaract Club Pakistan.

Ms. Gardezi has done MPhil-PhD with a specialization in HRM. She has an MBA in Management and is an accredited SHRM professional from EPCA. Ms. Gardezi is also a gold-certified Trainer from DWE. She holds a certification in Psychology and serves as a Certified Professional Counsellor. She has worked with renowned organizations like Attock Group, British Council and Standard Chartered Bank.

Nilofar A Gardezi


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