This FREE ebook examines the problem of insurance fraud, including its pervasiveness and general characteristics in the United States, the United Kingdom and the world. Insurance fraud is a widespread problem that requires real solutions and is often difficult to detect and combat. Learn more about insurance fraud investigations with this FREE ebook:

  • Part One of the ebook, “What is Insurance Fraud,” provides an introduction to a topic that is important for any business leader, insurance professional, compliance agent or fraud investigator.
  • Part Two, “How do Companies Detect Insurance Fraud,” details red flags of insurance fraud that help tip off investigators to possible illegal behaviour.
  • Part Three, “Anatomy of an Insurance Fraud Investigation,” provides a look at case studies and reveals key tips for handling a successful investigation.

Taken as a whole, this ebook is the perfect primer for any insurance fraud professional and companies looking to avoid becoming victims of insurance fraud claims. It provides the tools and knowledge needed to effectively combat insurance fraud.

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