Get answers to Background Screening FAQs on cost,  guidelines, check references etc.

A recent survey of business leaders conducted by the CRI® Group finds that enhanced regulatory compliance, ensuring quality hires and maintaining workplace safety and security were considered the top benefits of conducting background checks. Key considerations for engaging a background screening service include cost, turnaround time and compliance with local and international regulations.

Hence, an improperly done reference check could land you in big trouble and you could unwittingly find your organisation linked with criminal groups involved in fraud and money laundering. This eBook is a compilation of all of the background screening related questions you ever needed answers to:

  • Does a candidate have to give consent to process a background check / screening?
  • How long does it take to conduct a background check?
  • When should I conduct pre-employment checks?
  • How often should I screen employees?
  • How to collect references and what to ask?
  • What is a bankruptcy check?
  • How much does it cost to conduct a background check?
  • What is the difference between employment history verification and employment reference?
  • How do I check on entitlement to work?
  • How to conduct identity checks?
  • What will a financial regulatory check show?
  • Is it possible to identify conflict of interest during checks?
  • What about directorships and shareholding search?
  • Can I have access to a criminal watch list?
  • What is an Anti-money laundering check?
  • Can we conduct FACIS (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) searches?
  • … and MORE!

Therefore, taken as a whole, this ebook on background screening FAQs is the perfect primer for any HR professional, business leader and companies looking to avoid employee background screening risks. It provides the tools and knowledge needed to make the right decisions.

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FAQ employee background screening

FAQ employee background screening