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Companies of all sizes, industries and types are susceptible to fraud and corruption. Some industries face increased risks from certain types of fraud – that’s why CRI Group’s experts have handled investigations and implemented due diligence and corporate security processes for companies across a wide range of industries, including insurance, property, IT and telecommunications, finance and professional services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, oil and gas, and others. CRI Group also provides numerous case studies based on our own investigations. They examine real-life frauds spanning various different industries and locations. Each case study is based on an in-depth CRI Group investigation of a single individual, group or an event, and explores the causes and underlying principles.


Every type of insurance is vulnerable to insurance fraud. Insurance fraud cases are often committed by opportunists – such as claim fraud, where perpetrators invent or exaggerate a claim; or application fraud, where they deliberately or recklessly provide false information when applying for insurance. There are well-known cases of highly organised criminal gangs with money-making [...]


The property sector involves real estate (including land and buildings/structures) and other tangible properties, and can also include mineral rights and other resources. Unfortunately, for as long as there has been a market for buying and selling land, property and resources, there have been schemes that aim to defraud. Some of the schemes even have [...]

IT and Telecommunications

Internet technology (IT) and telecommunications providers are the engines that help power commerce on a global scale. This massive industry includes companies that provide the infrastructure for communication across multiple countries and continents, including phone and internet providers. Given their role and the technology on which they (and all of us) depend, these services must [...]

Finance and Professional services

Fraud is of the utmost concern for all financial organisations. These include banks & financial institutions, real estate lenders, business credit and finance companies, commercial investment corporations, asset-based lenders, debt financing firms, acquisition capital firms and others. Having safeguarding processes in place is required both from a legal and compliance standpoint, and from the position [...]

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Fraud involving pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers constitutes a major source of economic waste affecting countries around the world. In spite of increased awareness of the problem and the application of sophisticated anti-fraud mechanisms, individual actors and agencies continue to defraud public and private health systems. With rapidly ageing populations and the increased costs of [...]

Oil and Gas

The energy sector is a massive portion of the world’s economy, dealing mainly in petroleum – including upstream (exploration, development and production of crude oil or natural gas) and downstream (oil tankers, refiners, retailers and consumers) pipeline. As a raw material, petroleum is used for a number of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, pesticides, solvents, [...]